October 2021

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It’s the last day of September!!

That means it’s a HAPPY 86th BIRTHDAY to Mirabilis Studio’s most distinguished student, Harry Schneider!  Keep on picking!

Master Classes Return

Master Classes will resume this month! Our master classes are an excellent chance for students to gain experience playing for others, to get comfortable performing in a friendly environment, and to work in an ensemble setting on musical skills.  Usually we meet in these classes three or four times a year.  The one-hour  master class (two-hour for adults) serves as our lesson for that week, so only very beginning students will attend regular lessons.  However the week is also a great opportunity for make-up lessons.  So if you are in need of a make-up, just let me know and we’ll schedule it.

Because some schools have adjusted their school day, I have moved the master class start times back by 30 minutes from previous years.  Weather and schedule permitting we will meet at the Trailhead on Schreiner campus.  However, I need to confirm that this location is available.  I will follow up with a message the week before master classes.

Here is the plan for October:

Master Classes

Monday, Oct. 18 
Youth      4:30-5:25     Schreiner University
MS           5:30-6:25     Schreiner University
HS           6:30-7:30     Schreiner University

Tuesday, Oct. 19 
Adult        6:30-8:30   Schreiner University

Lesson Protocols

The Kerr County numbers for COVID seem to be tapering off a bit.  For those who wish to do so, we can return to lessons without wearing masks. Please note that I am happy to use masks with any student who wishes and especially for anyone who has particular concerns.  I think we’ve done pretty well at the studio through all of this and I appreciate everyone’s cooperation to keep things as safe as possible.

Entry and Waiting Areas at the Studio

All students are welcome to use the front door of the Rock House to come in for lessons.  Of course, you are also welcome to come in through the back if you prefer.  There will be less traffic in the front room beginning this week because of the new mini-semester at the university, so you may find that the room is empty during your time slot.

IMPORTANT: There have been a couple of moments of confusion for your instructor regarding waiting students in the new studio.  Apologies to those who this affected.

So if you are waiting for a lesson in the front room or in the kitchen area please know that you are welcome to come in once the student in the lesson before you has left.  If you hear me on a virtual lesson call you can wait until you hear me finish. But if there is silence (or you hear me practicing) it means that I am waiting for you and I didn’t see you in the front room.  Come on in!  And I will try to remember to be better about checking around the corner.  If I don’t see you (and my eyes are getting older) then I assume that you have not arrived yet.

Monthly Payments

Just a reminder to please make your monthly tuition payment at the beginning of the month.  It’s easier for our book keeping and helps us keep everyone up to date.


And don’t forget we have some students selling some great guitars.

Oct. 4 – 8 Regular Lessons
Oct. 11 – 15 Regular Lessons
Oct. 18 – 22 Regular Lessons
Jul. 25 – 30 Regular Lessons

Nov. 1 – 5 Regular Lessons
Nov. 8 – 12 Regular Lessons
Nov. 15 – 19 Regular Lessons
Nov. 22  Regular Lessons
Nov. 23 Makeup Lessons only
Nov. 30 – Dec. 3 Regular Lessons

Dec. 6 – 10 Regular Lessons
Dec. 12 Studio Recital
Dec. 13 – 17 Regular Lessons

Lessons Resume Monday, January 3