Our Location

We are located on the Schreiner University campus in the Rock House (#13 on the campus map). The Rock House is an older building incorporated into the newly constructed Trailhead area at the back of the campus. As its name implies, it is easy to identify by its orange rock exterior.

DIRECTIONS: The simplest way to get there is to enter the main Schreiner University gate at 2100 Memorial Blvd in Kerrville.  After you enter, take the main road  to the left and follow it to the back of campus.  Just past West Parking (Lot C) you will see the Trailhead Stage on the left.  Go past the lot until you see the sign for the Trailhead.  Turn left there  and take it all the way to the Trailhead parking area.

PARKING: Easiest parking will be the Trailhead cul-de-sac right in front of the studio.  The gate to the Trailhead area will be open from dawn to dusk.  If ever you find the gate to the Trailhead closed, there is a small gravel lot outside the gate and you can walk to the Rock House from there. Please do not park on the gravel area in front of the Rock House. If the trailhead parking is full, you can park in the lot behind the studio (Lot C) and come through the back door on the left.

THE STUDIO: The front door to the Rock House will be our usual entrance.  Our Mirabilis Studio is located in the back room on the right.  The main room in front will be for the SU SongKeepers group, but you are free to go through this space to the studio room.  If the front room looks occupied you can come around to the back door which enters directly into the studio.