Mirabilis Studio for Guitar

Mirabilis Studio
for Guitar

Students come to the studio with many different interests and abilities. With this in mind, every student will follow a personalized course of study. All beginner students will start by working on technique and the reading of standard music notation. By studying written music, students learn at a pace which also allows for the development of solid technique in both hands before attempting more challenging music. Reading music also forms a basis for understanding musical composition and expression. Once these skills are established we broaden our work toward the student’s interests.

Intermediate and advanced students will follow an individual course of study which may include:

  • Classical Guitar
  • Popular styles of music (fingerstyle, blues, rock, country, jazz)
  • Advanced music theory
  • Songwriting/composition
  • Advanced classical studies

The student may choose to combine different styles and focuses. 

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Private Lessons

All guitarists in the studio learn in a private lesson setting.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to sit in on the lesson.  For younger students, parents should be there so that they are better able to assist during practice at home.  Beginning students will usually start with a half-hour lesson.  Once students have developed the necessary skills they will also join the master classes.


Students gain an introduction to the instrument and/or continue development with consistent one-on-one instruction.
In addition to learning the instrument, students learn the basics of stringing and tuning the instrument as well as basic guitar care.
Lessons emphasize technique, sight-reading, theory, and ear training.


For Students who desire a more comprehensive and intensive course of study.
Students will develop a well-rounded repertoire with an emphasis on both technique and expression.
Lessons cover advanced technique, theory, sight-reading, ear training, and repertoire.

Master Classes

The purpose of the master classes is to provide students with an opportunity to perform in a relaxed atmosphere for others who are also studying the instrument.  Master classes prepare players for recitals and other public performances.  They help to build confidence and they provide valuable feedback from peers and instructor.  Additionally, we explore topics and studies not included in the private lesson setting.  Sample topics include: musical styles & composers, artists, and instrument construction & maintenance.

Several times during the year we gather as a studio to perform for one another and to study more in depth a particular musical topic.  Students are divided by age and ability and work in a small group.

Master classes are held in lieu of private lessons for that week for those students who are at the appropriate skill level. 

There are four master class groups based on a combination of age and ability:

  • Youth – young beginners up through 5th grade
  • Middle School – students up through 8th grade
  • High School – young intermediate players up through 12th grade
  • Adult – advanced young players and all adults

Youth classes meet for one hour and the adult class meets for two hours.  


In May and December the studio offers its public recitals.

In the fall session students are assigned an ensemble.  The December recital focuses on ensemble performances.

For the spring session students may select a piece to be performed either as a solo or as a duet with the instructor.  The May recital focuses on these solo and duet performances.

The Mirabilis Guitar Ensemble

The Mirabilis Guitar Ensemble welcomes guitarists of all ages to join in performing a variety of genres, both familiar and unusual, for multiple guitars.  The group is open to all guitarists who play acoustic instruments and can read standard notation music at an intermediate level and above.  Our repertoire includes classical, Spanish and Latin American, and contemporary pieces.  We also perform original pieces and arrangements written for our group.