November 2023

Ensembles & Rehearsals
Dress Rehearsal
Ensemble Recital

Mirabilis Studio Calendar

Final Ensemble Rehearsals Next Week and Recital on Sunday, December 10!
We’ll be working on our ensemble music next week.  Our rehearsal schedule will be basically the same as last month.
Dress Rehearsal is on Saturday next week followed by the recital on Sunday.
See the full schedule below.

Final Ensemble Rehearsals and Dress Rehearsal Next Week

Our final ensemble rehearsals will be next week.  We will have the same schedule as last time with one exception–the Adult 4 group will be on Tuesday at 5:00.

REMINDER: Very beginner students will have regular lessons.  Most lesson times will remain the same, but I will let you know if your time has to be adjusted.

All other students will meet in ensemble groups and this serves as your lesson for the week.  If you cannot make your scheduled ensemble time let me know and we will try to find another group that works.
We will meet in the regular studio for all rehearsals.
Be sure to bring your instrument and your music. I have music stands and footstools if needed.

The schedule below shows all ensemble rehearsals, beginner lessons, and make-up lessons for next week.

Monday, December 4

3:30 Rebekah Bonam

4:15-5:00 Youth 2
Gavin Borecky
Hudson Nobles
Brielle McCormick

5:00 Eden
5:30 Christian Hinson

6:00-7:00 Adult 3
Ian Nieves
James Rode
Harry Schneider
Steven Limon

Tuesday, December 5
Colton Pfiester
1:30 Maverick Potucek
2:00 Maria Hagadus
2:30 David Villareal
3:30 Billy Richardson
4:00 Nathan Redell
4:30 Sophie Livingston

5:00-6:00 Adult 5
Jack Bell
Forrest Short
David Villareal
Andrew Marbury

Wednesday, December 6
9:45-10:45 Adult 4

Niel Powers
Tim Locke

1:00 Laura Emmons
1:30 Andrew Marbury
2:00 Dave Whitaker
3:00 David Meriwether

4:00-4:55 Adult 1
Paul Simone
Gage Lange
Marian Clemens
Clint Morris
David Meriwether
Tom Whiting

5:00-5:40 Youth 3
Maverick Potucek
William Potucek
Colton Pfiester
Kooper Gooden
Abigail Findley

5:45-6:45 Youth/Adult 4/2
Sophie Livingston
Abigail Livingston
Bert Hardin
Brad Flink
Steve Perry

Thursday, December 7
Steven Limon
1:00 Richard Ellison
2:00 Tom Whiting
2:30 Forrest Short

4:00-4:45 Youth 1
Hadley Schumann
Eva McNeal
Jax Tonnesson

6:30 Will Sander

Friday, December 8
2:00 Steve Perry
4:00 FT Qunicy De Leon
4:30 Taylor Jones
5:00 Teresia Toloski

Dress Rehearsal, Saturday, December 9 at 9:00am
Chapel in the Campus Ministry Building

First, do not worry about dressing for this rehearsal–this is just our final run-through before the recital. We will run through the whole program in order, except that the two ending pieces (which include the whole studio) will go first followed by the rest of the program.  This way once you’ve finished your last piece you are free to go. Please DO remember to bring your instrument and your music.  Please plan on arriving ten minutes early so that we can start right at 9:00.

The Junkin Campus Ministry building is visible from our studio.  It’s at the very back of the campus and has a silver half-circle wall in the front. You can find it as building #18 on the Schreiner University map. Scroll down to see the map. Parking is in Lot C which is the large lot that’s closest to the studio.

If you are playing for the full recital, I will make sure we are finished by 11:00.

Ensemble Recital

The recital will be Sunday, December 10 at 3:00pm in the Chapel.  More details will follow in the December newsletter next week.

Mirabilis Studio Calendar

Fall 2023 Session
Nov. 27 – Dec. 1 Regular Lessons

Dec. 9 Dress Rehearsal
Dec. 10 Studio Recital
Dec. 11-12 Make-up Lessons