February 2024

Master Classes
Performance at the Trailhead
Easter and Eclipse Holidays
Spring Studio Recital

Mirabilis Studio Calendar

Is it already the end of February?!
It’s been non-stop since our Ensemble Recital in December. My apologies for the delay in getting out a newsletter–the days all run together!
We’ve had a good start to the new semester. There is a lot more happening in our little nook of campus these days and things are about to get busy in our calendar as well.  Details are below.

Master Classes Return in March

Seems like forever since we’ve had a proper master class week!  We will return with master classes the week of Spring Break for most of the local schools.
Our master classes are a chance for students to practice performance, to meet other guitar students, and to study a variety of musical topics of importance. We meet in small groups basically divided by age and playing level. We meet in 1-hour group lessons as in lieu of our private lessons.

Here’s the schedule for March. Monday we will meet in the Music Building with the younger students.  The adults will have to meet on Wednesday evening this time because of a conflict that I have on Tuesday.

Monday, March 11 (Piano Room, 2nd Floor of Music Building)

4:00 – 4:55 Youth
5:00 – 5:55 Middle School
6:00 – 7:00 High School

Wednesday, March 13 (Recital Hall, Junkin Campus Ministry Center)

6:00 – 8:00 Adult

Because we don’t meet for regular lessons on master class weeks, this is a good time to do makeup lessons if you need one.  Just let me know.

Sunday, March 17th Performance at the Trailhead

I will be performing a Sunday afternoon concert at the Trailhead Stage on Sunday, March 17th. My “Songwriter” set will include my original compositions and arrangements of acoustic classics.  Come join for what I hope will be a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day afternoon!

Easter and Eclipse Holidays

As usual we will be off for most of Holy Week before Easter, from Tuesday, March 26 to Friday, March 29.  Monday students will meet that week (see below)

As for the eclipse, I’ve pondered alternatives and there seem to be none.  Unfortunately we will have to cancel lessons on the day of the upcoming eclipse, Monday, April 8th.  There will just be too much chaos that day and I know most everyone will be participating in some way.

So Monday students will have two make-up lessons this semester.  Monday, March 25th we will meet for regular lessons to make up for New Year’s Day.  And then at the end of the semester, Monday, May 20th we will meet to make up for the missed lessons on the eclipse.

(see the calendar below for all of the details)

Spring Studio Solo/Duo Recital

The recital will be Sunday, May 19 at 3:00pm in the Recital Hall.  More details will follow.

You should begin to consider a piece that you really enjoy and would love to share with our studio family.  We will have practices at the master classes over the next two months and a final rehearsal before the recital.  Ask me about it at your next lesson.

Mirabilis Studio Calendar

Feb. 26 – Mar. 1 Regular Lessons

Mar. 4 – 9 Regular Lessons
Mar. 17 (Sun.) Kevin McCormick Live at the Trailhead Stage
Mar. 18 – 22 Regular Lessons
Mar. 25 (Mon.)  Regular Lessons
Mar. 26 (Tues.) Makeup lessons

Apr. 1 – 5 Regular Lessons
Apr. 8 (Mon.) Holiday (Eclipse)
Apr. 9 – 12 Regular Lessons
Apr. 15 – 19 Regular Lessons
Apr. 29 – May 3 Regular Lessons

May 6 – 10 Regular Lessons
May 18 (Sat.) Final Rehearsal
May 19 (Sun.) – STUDIO RECITAL
May 20 (Mon.) Regular Lessons
May 21 – 22 (Tues.-Wed.) Makeup Lessons