August 2021

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Mirabilis Studio Calendar

Fall Session begins next week.  You should have a received my email with the lesson schedule. There have been a few tweaks since then, but I think we are all good to go now.  See details below.

Guitar Tip of the Month: Start Fresh

We’ve had a couple of weeks off of lessons.  For some of you, it was even more.  Past years have shown that at least some students do less playing during breaks in lessons.  But starting back can be a great opportunity if you work it right.

Returning to the guitar after a short break often provides a clarity of mind that allows for an ease of playing.  We tend to be more relaxed after a break and our expectations aren’t so high that we get discouraged.  Focus on using good technique and enjoy the sounds of your instrument.  Think about what music you really enjoy and share those thoughts at your first lesson back!

Fall Session Calendar

The Fall Session begins next week—Monday, August 23rd!  The Lesson Schedule and the Fall Session Calendar are both posted.   It’s also at the end of this newsletter.

We’re holding off on master classes for August/September, but hopefully we’ll be able to return to them before the fall session is over—perhaps beginning in October.

Also, because of the way the Christmas holiday falls on the school calendar this year we will have our Christmas recital on Dec. 12th, the Sunday before our final week of lessons. Just a “heads up” for your calendars.

Lesson Protocols

Well, I had hoped that we would be coming out of the COVID tunnel by now.  Unfortunately, with cases on the rise in Kerr and surrounding counties, I’m going to encourage everyone to wear masks in our lessons again.  Though I am fully vaccinated, for the sake of both our younger and older students, I think this is a prudent approach.

Please remember that if you ever have any reason to be concerned on a given day, we can always do your lesson online.  Even beginners can work online once in a while.  Thankfully the Wifi in the new studio seems to be working much better.

I do hope this will pass soon!  I will keep you posted.


For those of you new to the studio or returning after a summer break, here’s the info on our new location.

We are now on the Schreiner University campus in the Rock House (#13 on the campus map). The Rock House is an older building incorporated into the newly constructed Trailhead area at the back of the campus. As it’s name implies, it is easy to identify for it’s orange rock exterior.

DIRECTIONS: The simplest way to get there is to enter the main Schreiner University gate at 2100 Memorial Blvd in Kerrville.  After you enter, take the main road  to the left and follow it to the back of campus.  Just past West Parking (Lot C) you will see the Trailhead Stage on the left.  Go past the lot until you see the sign for the Trailhead.  Turn left there and take it all the way to the Trailhead parking area.

PARKING: The easiest parking will be the Trailhead cul-de-sac right in front of the studio.  If ever you find the Trailhead lot full or the gate closed, you can park in the small gravel lot outside the gate. The gate to the Trailhead area will be open from dawn to dusk so usually it shouldn’t our lessons. Please do not park in the unmarked gravel area in front of the Rock House.

THE STUDIO: You can use the front door to the Rock House, though be aware that there may be folks using the front room.  Our Mirabilis Studio is located in the back room on the right.  The main room in front will be for the SU SongKeepers group and Director Bill Muse, but you are free to go through this space to the studio room.  If the front room looks crowded you can come around and knock on the back door which enters directly into the studio.

As always parents of young students are encouraged to attend the lessons if they can (at least periodically).  Our “Parent’s” easy chair has made the trek to the new space.  We do have a bathroom attached to our room again and which you may use.  Also there is a nice public restroom across the street from the Rock House.

The Kerrville River Trail is right at our building.  Parents can explore the trail past the cemetery toward the river or follow the 20-minute path around the campus.  There’s a nice sand volleyball court nearby and plenty of space for young siblings to play near the stage area.  The Frisbee Golf course is right there too. If you’d like food or beverages, the Trailhead Beer Garden and the food trucks are available Wednesday through Sunday.

Campus Map

River Trail Map


And don’t forget we have some students selling some great guitars.

Aug. 23 – 27 Regular Lessons
Aug. 30 – Sept. 3 Regular Lessons

Sep. 7 – 10 Regular Lessons
Sep. 13 – 17 Regular Lessons
Sep. 20 – 24 Regular Lessons
Sep. 27 – Oct. 1 Regular Lessons

Oct. 4 – 8 Regular Lessons
Oct. 11 – 15 Regular Lessons
Oct. 18 – 22 Regular Lessons
Jul. 25 – 30 Regular Lessons

Nov. 1 – 5 Regular Lessons
Nov. 8 – 12 Regular Lessons
Nov. 15 – 19 Regular Lessons
Nov. 22  Regular Lessons
Nov. 23 Makeup Lessons only
Nov. 30 – Dec. 3 Regular Lessons

Dec. 6 – 10 Regular Lessons
Dec. 12 Studio Recital
Dec. 13 – 17 Regular Lessons

Lessons Resume Monday, January 3