December 2021

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Christmas Recital

Christmas Holiday

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Mirabilis Studio Calendar

It’s December!  The year has flown by!

Quick reminder that our recital has been moved to Sunday, January 9, 2022.  More details below.

Also we’ll have ensemble rehearsals for the recital the week of Dec. 13th.  More details below.

RECITAL—In the New Year!!

We will have our recital on Sunday, January 9th at 4:00PM.


We will have rehearsals on December 13th and 14th in the Rehearsal Hall of the Music Building.  For those who do not know where that is, you can find it here on the Schreiner Campus Map.  Look for building #33.

We have begun working the ensemble music this week, so some of you have not yet received your music.  Not to worry, we have plenty of time before the recital and I made sure to choose music that you will be comfortable with.

Here is the rehearsal schedule:

MONDAY, December 13

4:00 Duets from Book 1
Jax Tonnesson, Sofia Benedick
Brielle McCormick, Cale Avery

4:30 Duets from Book 2
Sophie Livingston, Abigail Livingston
William Potucek, Jojo Jons, Alie Stewart
Ethan Lamb

5:00 Ballen Les Manete
1 Sophie Livingston, Jojo Jons, Alie Stewart
2 Cale Avery, William Potucek, Ethan Lamb,

5:30 Nadal
1 Alina McCormick
2 Liv Rydberg, Abigail Livingston, Gracie Thomas
3 Bert Hardin, Kooper Gooden

6:00 Todos a Mirar
1 Bill Richardson, Craig Cowley
2 Mike Hayes, Paul Simone

TUESDAY, December 14
4:30 All in a Garden Green
1 Jack Bell, Colter Potucek*
2 Kaden Montgomery
3 Rebekah Bonam, Maverick Potucek
4 Laura Emmons

5:00 Linus and Lucy
1 Julie Johnson, Isaiah Brooks
2 Robert Johnson, Cuatro Rodriguez

5:30 Moon Over the Ruined Castle
1 Paul Valenza, Greg Espenhover
2 Monica Clayton, Steve Perry
3 David Meriwether, Laura Emmons

6:00 Las Mañanitas
1 David Villareal
2 James Rode
3 Reese Stuart
4 Hadley Inmon, Paul Valenza

Rehearsals, Beginners, and Make Up Week

As noted above, the week of December 13-17 we will have Ensemble Rehearsals.  If you are in an ensemble you will not have your regular lesson.

Beginners and others who are not in an ensemble (like online students) will have regular lessons.  Some of those lessons will have to be moved to work around the rehearsals and other conflicts that week.  So I will confirm lesson times with you separately.

Make up lessons are also possible for that week.  Please let me know if you are in need of one.


Our Ensemble Recital will be held Sunday, January 9th at 4:00 in the Chapel of the Campus Ministry Building.

We will have a run-through rehearsal on Saturday, January 8th at 10:00am.  The rehearsal will run until 11:30, but we will be going in performance order and you are welcome to leave after your pieces are completed.  More details in January.

Christmas Holiday

We will observe the Christmas Holiday from Monday, December 20th through Friday, December 31st.

Regular lessons will resume Monday, January 3rd 2022.

Monthly Payments

Just a reminder to please make your monthly tuition payment at the beginning of the month.  It’s easier for our book keeping and helps us keep everyone up to date. If the monthly payment is difficult to remember, you can set up automatic monthly payments or pay for the semester upfront. Let me know if you have questions.


And don’t forget we have some students selling some great guitars.

Dec. 6 – 10 Regular Lessons

—-STUDIO RECITAL moved to January 9—-

Dec. 13-14 Ensemble Rehearsals

Dec. 13 – 17 Beginner, Online and Make up Lessons

Lessons Resume Monday, January 3