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Hope you all are having a good summer!  Here are some updates for the Summer Session.


We will have master classes the week of July 4th.  The schedule will be slightly different than usual since July 4th is a Monday.  So our younger students will meet on Wednesday, July 6th at the usual times.

Tuesday, July 5

Adult        6:30-8:30   Rehearsal Hall in the Music Building (#33 campus map)
Wednesday, July 6

Youth      4:30-5:25    Rehearsal Hall in the Music Building (#33 campus map)
MS          5:30-6:25    Rehearsal Hall in the Music Building (#33 campus map)
HS          6:30-7:30    Rehearsal Hall in the Music Building (#33 campus map)


Unusual Master Class Week Make-Ups

My family has a reunion in mid-July, so I will be gone for a long weekend from Thursday, July 14th through Monday July 18th.

This means that Thursday and Friday students will also meet for their regular lessons the week of the Master Classes (July 7-8) as make-ups for that week that I’ll be out.

Monday students will meet for lessons on Tuesday or Wednesday of Master Class week.

I will confirm times for this with you individually.

Hopefully that isn’t too confusing.  If you need clarification just let me know.


Fall Session
For those of you looking ahead, our Fall Session will begin Monday, August 22nd.  Please be sure and let me know if you have need of a schedule change for the fall.




Guitar San Antonio will be hosting a new guitar festival this summer, July 5th-8th The ALL-Guitar Summerfest.

Live performances in all kinds of genres, an Ensemble competition, and private instruction are all a part of the big week.  The concerts will be at the amazing Tobin Center for the Performing Arts and will be free and open to the public.

More information is available at their website.  Guitar San Antonio All-Guitar Summerfest.

Mirabilis Studio Summer Session 2022

Jun. 6 – 9 Regular Lessons
Jun. 13 – 17 Regular Lessons
Jun. 20 – 24 Regular Lessons
Jun. 27 – Jul. 1 Regular Lessons

Jul. 4 Independence Day Holiday
Jul. 5- 8  Make up lessons (for my absence from Jul.14-18)
Jul. 11 – 13 Regular Lessons
Jul. 14 – 18 NO LESSONS
Jul. 19- 22 Regular Lessons
Jul. 25 – 29 Regular Lessons