June 2023

Independence Day Holiday

Master Class Week

Make-up Lessons

Mirabilis Studio Calendar

Summer Session is underway!  July 4th/Masterclass Week is coming up.

We will have two weeks that will affect some of your lesson times this summer. Both are in July.


Master Class Week
We will have Master Classes the first week of July.  If you are new to the studio you will have a lesson instead of attending the master class.  However, your lesson time slot may be affected.  Our Master Class schedule will be a little unusual this month.

We will observe Independence Day Holiday on Monday, July 3rd and Tuesday, July 4th.  So our master classes will be held on Wednesday (Adult) and Thursday (ES, MS, HS).  Here’s the schedule:

Wednesday, July 5
Adult        6:30-8:30 Recital Hall in the Campus Ministry Building (#18 campus map).  

Thursday, July 6
Elem.      4:00-4:55   Piano Room in the Music Building, 2nd floor  (#33 campus map)
MS          5:00-5:55   Piano Room in the Music Building, 2nd floor  (#33 campus map)
HS          6:30-7:00   Piano Room in the Music Building, 2nd floor (#33 campus map)


Make-Up Lessons
If you would like to make up a missed lesson, Master Class Week is a good time to do it.  I will also be getting ahead of the curve with regular Thursday and Friday students will have a regular lesson during master class week since I will be attending the Austin Classical Guitar Teacher’s Summit on July 13-15 in Austin.

If this all leaves you terribly confused, don’t worry about it.  We’ll sort everything out in your lesson next time we meet.

Mirabilis Studio Calendar

Summer Session
Jun. 5 – 9 Regular Lessons
Jun. 12 – 16 Regular Lessons
Jun. 19 – 23 Regular Lessons
Jun. 26 – 30 Regular Lessons

Jul. 3 – 4 Independence Day Holiday
July 5 – 7 Beginner lessons and make up lessons
Jul. 10 – 14 Regular Lessons
Jul. 17 – 21 Regular Lessons
Jul. 24 – 28 Regular Lessons