April 2023

Master Classes

Spring Recital


Mirabilis Studio Calendar

Spring is here! I had hoped to get this out earlier this week, but here we are. So I hope all of you enjoyed the Easter Holiday week!
Congratulations to David Villareal on a wonderful solo recital last month.  A beautiful performance enjoyed by all.
Our Solo/Duo Recital is just around the corner.    We’re back to regular lesson schedule on Monday.
Master Classes
 Our next master class week will be April 24-28. We’ll be prepping for the recital in May.
Please note the start times.
Except for those with special arrangements, all students should attend the master class for the appropriate age as their lesson for the week. This is a good week to schedule a make up lesson if you are in need of one.

Monday, April 24
Elem.      4:00-4:55   Piano Room in the Music Building, 2nd floor  (#33 campus map)
MS          5:00-5:55   Piano Room in the Music Building, 2nd floor  (#33 campus map)
HS          6:30-7:00   Piano Room in the Music Building, 2nd floor (#33 campus map)

Tuesday, April 25
Adult        6:30-8:30 Recital Hall in the Campus Ministry Building (#18 campus map).  


Spring Recital
Our Spring Solo/Duo Recital is six weeks out.  Take a look at your current pieces and choose one that you like.  It can be from a book or something else that we’ve worked on. Be sure to choose one that you have are comfortable playing and one that you really enjoy.  Next week we’ll review it together and make sure it’s the right piece for you.  Then you’ll have over a month to work with it and get it ready to play.

You can practice performing your piece at the Master Classes at the end of the month.  I have bumped them forward by a week to give us a little more time for prep (to April 24 & 25).

Then we will have our final rehearsal on Saturday, May 20.

The Spring Recital will be held on Sunday, May 21 at 3:00PM.

More details to follow in the May newsletter.

Reminder to Parents of Younger players
Parents of younger players are encouraged to stay for the lesson. This allows you to hear what your child is working on and how they are responding to learning the instrument. Younger players need encouragement and reminders to practice regularly—this is much more effective if you know what they are working on hearing the directions they receive at the lessons.
You are welcome to read or work on your phone or tablet (we have wifi in the studio).  Just being present is helpful and encouraging to your child.
SPRING and SUMMER Calendars
The Spring and Summer Calendars are now posted. Please review the Spring calendar for upcoming events. Please see the Calendar below with more information on Master Classes, Recitals and Holidays.

Mirabilis Studio Calendar

Apr. 3 (Mon.) Regular Lessons
Apr. 4 (Tues.) – Makeup Lessons
Apr. 10 – 14 Regular Lessons
Apr. 17 – 21 Regular Lessons

May 1 – 5 Regular Lessons
May 8 – 12 Regular Lessons
May 20 Dress Rehearsal