February 2023

David Villareal Solo Recital

Practice! and Reminders

Master Classes and Studio Recital

Mirabilis Studio Calendar

 Well it’s been a while since our last newsletter. We had a wonderfully busy Christmas holiday with lots to celebrate, especially the marriage of our oldest daughter, Rachel.  So, Greetings for 2023!
We welcome several new students to our studio and bring you all up to date on some important happenings at Mirabilis Studio.

David Villareal Solo Recital
Our very own David Villareal will be performing a solo guitar recital on Saturday, March 18th at 5:00PM in the Recital Hall at Schreiner University.  David, a Mirabilis Student for over ten years, has prepared a wonderful program of classic Spanish music for guitar from the Renaissance through the Romantic, including some duo selections and a surprise or two!

Regular practice is VERY important for the development of your guitar skills. The most successful musicians are those who have good practice habits. Remember why you decided to study guitar—to enjoy it! It’s much more fun to play when you are doing it regularly and developing better and better skills. It will make your lessons more enjoyable and fruitful and you will move more quickly through your pieces. Try for a week of playing every day—you’ll be amazed!
Reminder to Parents of Younger players
Parents of younger players are encouraged to stay for the lesson. This allows you to hear what your child is working on and how they are responding to learning the instrument. Younger players need encouragement and reminders to practice regularly—this is much more effective if you know what they are working on hearing the directions they receive at the lessons.
You are welcome to read or work on your phone or tablet (we have wifi in the studio).  Just being present is helpful and encouraging to your child.
SPRING and SUMMER Calendars
The Spring and Summer Calendars are now posted. Please review the Spring calendar for upcoming events. Please see the information below with more information on Master Classes, Recitals and Holidays.
Master Classes
Master Class Week is back in March and April.  Master Classes give developing students an opportunity to play in a group setting.  We perform for each other and develop skills of playing and listening and prepare for the solo recital in May.  Master Classes also offer a chance to work with other students who are pursuing guitar study. The class serves as the lesson for the week (except for beginners who will have regular lessons).  Our next master class week will be March 13-17.
Studio Recital
Mark your calendars for our Studio Recital for Sunday, May 21 at 3:00PM.  More details will follow in upcoming newsletters.

Mirabilis Studio Spring Session 2023

Feb. 6 – 10 Regular Lessons
Feb. 13 – 17 Regular Lessons
Feb. 20 – 24 Regular Lessons
Feb. 27 – Mar. 3 Regular Lessons

Mar. 6 – 10 Regular Lessons
Mar. 13 – 17 MASTER CLASS & Make-up WEEK
Mar. 18 (Sat.) David Villareal, Solo Recital
Mar. 20 – 24 Regular Lessons
Mar. 27 – 31  Regular Lessons

Apr. 3 (Mon.) Regular Lessons
Apr. 4 (Tues.) – Make-up Lessons
Apr. 10 – 14 Regular Lessons
Apr. 24 – 28 Regular Lessons

May 1 – 5 Regular Lessons
May 8 – 12 Regular Lessons
May 20 (Sat.) Dress Rehearsal
May 21 (Sun.) – STUDIO RECITAL