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December 2020

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We’ve arrived at December!  Though we won’t be able to gather for our annual ensemble recital I will be putting together another virtual recital for those who would like to participate.  Details below!
December Recital
We’re going to do our December Recital like our Spring Recital this past May.  The Schreiner campus is already closed for the winter break, so once again our usual venue is not available.  So we’re going to do another virtual recital, this time for Christmas.  And this time, I’m leaving it up to the students!  If you’d like to participate, choose a piece that you are comfortable with and record it.  It can be a Christmas song if you like, but it doesn’t have to be.
Those who are doing lessons online can record themselves at their convenience and drop the videos in my DropBox.  I’ll send the detailed instructions next week.  If you’re doing lessons with me you have the option of making the video at your lesson.  If you want to do a duet, this second option is the way to go.
I will post the “Recital” online on Sunday December 20.  Once again this is a great way to share your music with family and friends near and far.  So let me know if you would like to participate!
Christmas Holiday
Our Christmas holiday will be from:
Monday, Dec. 21 — Friday, Jan. 1  
Lessons resume on Monday, January 4.

Dec. 2 – 6 Regular Lessons
Dec. 7 – 11 Regular Lessons
Dec. 14 – 18 Regular Lessons

Lessons Resume Monday, January 4