Songs of the Martin

Genre: Folk: Fingerstyle

Release Date: 2009

This collection of folk songs, jazz standards, classical dances, and love songs provide the listener with an unadorned, pure and beautiful snapshot of the history of guitar music in America as performed on an original 1840s C.F. Martin guitar.

About the Album

Songs of the Martin captures the simple beauty of an elegant instrument crafted nearly two-centuries ago and rescued from an attic grave. The opening song of Paul McCartney’s candid “Blackbird,” is made new again on this Martin guitar. The lively “Clap” recalls the amazing fingerwork of both its composer, guitarist Steve Howe, and the legendary player it honors, Chet Atkins. McCormick deftly draws out the longing of love in a delicate rendition of “Georgia on My Mind.” Perhaps the standout track, Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” evokes an intimacy that can only be found on the solo guitar.

The familiar sounds of the twentieth century are punctuated with remembrances of the beauty of the guitar repertoire from days past. Dreamy, reflective works like Sor’s “Etude No. 11” and waltzes of Mertz and Tarrega recall the colorful history of the guitar and delightful intimacy of its sound. McCormick masterfully coaxes a variety of sounds from the guitar; from gentle, reflective songs to energetic, lively dances. His artistry and skill as a guitarist shine forth in this third solo guitar album.

Songs of the Martin

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