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Let’s all begin working in more practice time in our schedules.  Remember that more-frequent, shorter sessions are better than infrequent long ones. 

Congratulations to Jack Bell for completing the One-Hundred Day Practicing Challenge!

More on this with during the Summer Session. 



Rehearsal will be on Thursday, May 18th beginning at 4:00 at the Chapel.  (Apologies for the misprint in last month’s newsletter).  This will put the rehearsal closer to the recital which is on Sunday.  I will send out the rehearsal schedule soon.


Spring Recital

Our Spring Recital will be on Sunday, May 21 at 3:00 PM in the Chapel at First Presbyterian Church.  This is our solo/duo recital and all students should chosen their piece at this point.  Let me know if this is not the case for you.


Summer Session & Optional Plan

I have finally worked out the plan for our summer session.  We will be doing a six-week session this year running from June 19th through August 4th.  The week of July 4th we will be off.  We will not have master class for our youth students this summer, so all weeks are available for private lessons and make up lessons as needed.  The adult master class will be during the week of July 4th.

OPTIONAL PLAN: There were some who were interested in doing a full eight-week session as we have in past years.  If you are interested in doing an eight-week session let me know and we’ll make arrangements for the extra two weeks.




May 1 - 5  regular lessons

May 8 - 12 regular lessons

May 15 - 19 RECITAL WEEK

May 22 - 26 regular lessons


SUMMER SESSION begins on June 19


Jun. 19 - 23  regular lessons

Jun. 26 - 30  regular lessons


Jul. 3 - 7  July 4th HOLIDAY

Jul. 10 - 14       regular lessons

Jul. 17 - 21       regular lessons

Jul. 24 - 28       regular lessons

Jul. 30 - Aug. 4 regular lessons

Full calendar


For Sale

Brazilian classicals

Let me know if you are interested in one of these.  I have one in the studio in case you’re interested.  Owner is John Vazis--318-308-1266.

2003 Di Giorgio Autor #3 classical concert guitar

Canadian Cedar top, Jacaranda body, excellent condition.  $600 (o.b.o.) w/case.

Giannini Savio C5 Luthieria classcial concert guitar

German spruce top, Indian Rosewood body, excellent condition.  $800 w/case.

Fender Gemini I

Former Mirabilis student Howard Hovde is offering a beginner classical guitar for sale.  It’s a Fender Gemini I and is in very good shape.  Offer includes a Boss tuner, guitar stand and music stand.  You can contact him at 896-6992.


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